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Fairfax Staff

Pictured left to right:

Rachel Christensen, Patrick Slater (MLO #1211701), Tim Volk, Patti Lopata, Clayton Cerka, John Slater, Dean Schrader (MLO #571408), Nick Volk (ret.), Cindy Young (ret.), Kristine Norem, Laurie Neuhaus, Dave Neuhaus (MLO #764635), Connie Palko, Kay Stallman, Elaina Kempin, Tami Brush, Mike Jones, Don Young (ret.).

Not Pictured: Michael Shoup (MLO #491203), Lisa Kloubec, Jodie Regan, Hope Steimel, Polly Boland, Lance Lefebure, Janet Volesky, Gary Kline (MLO #478533),Tamara Patterson (MLO) #1176215), Michael Janssen and Loren Mulherin.

The team is ready for our Annual Christmas Open House! Pictured left to right: Michael Shoup (MLO #491203), John C. W. Slater, Michael Jones (ret.), Jodie Regan, Tami Brush, Patrick Slater, Polly Boland, Michael Janssen, Rachel Christensen, Tamara Patterson (MLO #1176215), Dean Schrader (MLO #571408), Laurie Neuhaus, Kristine Norem and Elaina Kempin.