Personal Banking & Lending Services

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Personal Banking

Products that Fit You

Each person and family has unique financial needs. That’s why we offer a variety of personal banking & lending products at Fairfax State Savings Bank. From checking and savings accounts to loans and online services, we offer everything you need for personal financial success!

Checking Accounts

Manage your personal finances with either of our personal checking accounts. Choose from either Free Checking or Super NOW Checking to fit your finances.  

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Savings & CDs

Saving money for the future is crucial to your financial wellbeing. Find a safe place for your money by choosing from any of our savings accounts or CDs. 

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Online Services

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be hard. By using Fairfax State Savings Bank’s collection of online services you can stay on top of all your accounts easier. Enroll by clicking HERE

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Whether you need to purchase a home, new vehicle or simply need additional financing for other needs, Fairfax State Savings Bank’s lending team is here to help. 

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Debit & Credit Cards

Forget about carrying around cash or your check book! With a debit card or credit card from Fairfax State Savings Bank, you can make your purchase easily online or in person. 

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Retirement Accounts

Are you ready for retirement? The wealth management professionals at Fairfax State Savings Bank can help by working with you to establish a retirement account. 

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Additional Services

No banking experience would be complete without services like our 24/7 online banking services, wire transfers, drive up banking and many more. 

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Trying to plan for future financial goals or purchases? Our financial calculators can help. Plan for your mortgage, loans, investments or other parts of your financial life. 

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Switch Kit

If you’re looking to switch to Fairfax State Savings Bank, you’ve come to the right place. Our Switch Kit provides all the necessary paperwork to make switching to us easy! 

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