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Home News 4 Frugal Ways To Save On School Supplies

4 Frugal Ways To Save On School Supplies

Posted on | Categories: Budgeting, Savings, Seasonal

4 Frugal Ways To Save On School Supplies

School is back! While you’re working on gathering those school supplies, be sure you aren’t overspending on some of the essentials. We’re here to give a little advice on ways you can save on supplies, while making sure you still get everything on the list.


Start by shopping at home. You have drawers full of unused highlighters and almost-new pencils. Yes, your child may whine that they NEED the new 144 pack of crayons, but they will be just fine with the boxes you’ve accumulated over the years. Search through your crayons and find the newest ones and make your own box. Then find the notebooks, scissors and pencil bag from the year before to add to the pile.

Coupon It

Coupons are everything! Find the best deals online by adding a store’s app to your phone or simply search the web. Know when the best time to go shopping is for those supplies and grab your coupons. You can also bring your child along to teach them the value of saving and how those 2 for 1 deals work!

Go Generic

You don’t need to buy the $2.50 folder when you can buy almost the same one that’s a generic brand for $0.49. Knowing what items don’t need to be splurged on can save you some cash here and there - and quickly build up if you have more than one kid!

Follow Stores Online

Following stores online and subscribing to their email list may let you get ahead of the game. Stores sometimes have flash sales or extra coupons on their social platforms for devoted customers, so scoping it out won’t hurt! If you plan to bargain-hunt this year, monitor your favorite stores’ Twitter and Facebook feeds to find deals.

You can follow these stores on Twitter, for example:

  • Amazon Deals: @amazondeals
  • @Coupons
  • Staples: @Staples
  • Office Max: @OfficeMax
  • TJ Maxx: @tjmaxx
  • Marshalls: @marshalls
  • Best Buy: @BestBuy
  • Target: @Target 
  • Kohl’s: @Kohls
  • RetailMeNot: @RetailMeNot

We hope these simple solutions allow you to save a little here and there. Those small savings add up in a hurry, so take saving for school supplies seriously! Then, put those savings into an account for your child, so they can use it for college later.