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Home News Five Ways to Be Kinder Everyday

Five Ways to Be Kinder Everyday

Posted on | Categories: Seasonal

Five Ways to Be Kinder Everyday

As the saying goes, “Kill them with Kindness”. In this blog, we are going to share some tips on how to become kinder, whether that be to your significant other, family, coworkers, friends, yourself, etc. Everyone deserves kindness, keep reading for some one-of-a-kind tips. 

What Does it Mean to Be Kind? 

To learn how to be kind you need to first have a sense of what kindness is. Kindness is about giving of oneself freely, for the pure reason of helping others without an expectation of reciprocity or strings attached. Find ways to replenish kindness in your life, and yes acts of kindness include being kind to yourself too. 

Benefits of Kindness

Portraying kindness to yourself and others around you has so many mental health benefits. Contributing kindness to your community encourages others to do the same. Here are some benefits of kindness: 

  • Boosts feelings
  • Gives confidence
  • Encourage happiness
  • Adds Optimism 
  • Sense of belonging
  • Reduces isolation
  • Builds perspective


Ways to Be More Kind

1. Become more relaxed when on the road.

We have all experienced a time of road rage when driving. A simple way to show and encourage kindness, especially to strangers is to be a bit more easygoing when driving. Let them cut ahead – a small victory they may be desperate for and you can simply top it off with a smile or a wave. 

2. Think kindness first, speak second.

As I’m sure you’ve heard before, think before you speak, and in this case, think KINDNESS! If you have every thought in your head of something to do or say that isn’t kind, remember to choose kindness before you choose to speak. Choosing kindness over negativity is a huge sign of good character and will only put you in a better mood moving forward. 

3. Acknowledge others with kindness, even if it’s just for a second. 

This can be a simple act with coworkers, strangers on the street, etc. – take time to look up from your device and make eye contact with people. Never discriminate against whom to be kind to, you truly never know what an individual is going through on a given day. A simple act of acknowledgment goes a long way and can boost not only their day but your own. If you are at a store, make eye contact, smile, and say thank you. You wouldn’t believe how many customers they serve don’t. 

4. Try to practice an act of kindness each day in whatever capacity. 

The best way to encourage kindness is to practice and spread it yourself every single day. When in doubt, the best action you can provide to someone is kindness and hopefully, that encourages others to reward you with the same actions. Kindness has the power to change someone's day for the better and give them the satisfaction to spread joy into another’s life. 

 5. Set an example and be a leader. 

Be a role model to others around you and practice those good intentions. You should feel good about being kind and positive actions. The more positivity and kindness you spread, the more and more you will see in return. Being considerate to strangers, acquaintances, and close friends is so important to your mental health and the attitude you have moving forward with your day. Be considerate and mindful of how you impact others. 

As you move forward with your day, try out a few of these tips to become kinder. The kindness you spread is not only good for others but your mind and heart!