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Home News Four Ways to Raise Your Financial Game

Four Ways to Raise Your Financial Game

Posted on | Categories: Financial Education, Personal Finances

Four Ways to Raise Your Financial Game

Whether you’re a football fanatic whose weekly happiness hinges on your team’s performance or you can’t tell the difference between a quarterback and a punter, the game of football can actually teach you a lot about managing your finances. Don’t believe us? Check out the Fairfax State Savings Bank game plan that can help you earn a financial win.


It’s Important to Win on Offense, Defense and Special Teams

Most teams need to play well in all three aspects to win games. In your finances, your offense is your income. If you think of dollars as yards, the more money you generate, the more secure you can be. If income is your offense, then spending is your defense. Coaches don’t want their defense to be on the field too long, so keeping the spending to a minimum is the best way to keep your finances in check. Your special teams are unique actions like investing. You only need them a few times per game, but you need them to perform well when they’re on the field.


Defense Wins Games

If spending is your defense, controlling your spending is the best way to ensure your defense is successful. Taking a defensive approach to your finances that controls spending and saves a little each and every month may not seem like the most exciting thing, but it will get you a win. Slow and steady saving can keep you on that winning streak you’ve been striving for.

Understand the Game Clock

The game clock can dictate how a team plays. At times, you can be aggressive, while other times may call for a more conservative approach. Taking an aggressive approach, such as making a smart investment, can help you improve your financial situation quickly. However, a more conservative and steady savings approach can help you accrue wealth, too. However, it may just take a little longer.


Surround Yourself with Good Coaches

A good coach trusts others to develop players and game plans. There are a lot of financial experts that have a wealth of knowledge. Take advantage of their assistance and unique perspective, and you can start with the experts right here at Fairfax State Savings Bank. Trust these financial experts to use their experience to help you get a win.


Just as a good game plan can help your favorite team on the gridiron, basic football strategy can help you with your finances. If you have any questions, contact Fairfax State Savings Bank and we’d be happy to help you develop the right game plan.