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Home News How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Posted on | Categories: Budgeting, General, Savings, Seasonal

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

It’s extremely important to take care of yourself, just like taking care of your finances. We’re here to talk about both today! Eating healthy without spending lots of money on fresh fruits and protein can be a challenge, which is why we’ve compiled this list of clever ways you can do so.

Meal Plan Master

Make a list of what you’ll eat for the week - breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. This will leave no room for any extra purchases. Scan your cupboards, fridge and freezer to be sure you find all the items you can to help with your healthy meals before buying more. With healthy food, a lot of it can be fresh which is why meal planning will make sure you know you’re going to use it. This avoids having fresh food go bad and having to be thrown out.

Leftover Legacy

Making a slightly bigger portion of whatever you’re cooking can easily turn into an entire meal for lunch the next day! Cooking larger meals can save you both time and money. You can also use leftovers to turn into stews, salads, stir-fries or a healthy wrap with veggies.

Cheaper Cut Champion

Meat can get expensive, so be sure not to buy the first cut you see. Do some shopping around to see if there’s a different piece you can get for a dollar or two less. There are also other stores out there that can offer different discounts, so do your research. You could buy a larger, inexpensive cut of meat and use it in different ways throughout the week.

Protein Professional

If the last tip doesn’t help you out very much, there are plenty of less costly ways to get your protein in for the day. Try having one or two days per week where you use other protein sources, such as legumes, hemp seeds, eggs or canned fish. This gives you an inexpensive, yet nutritious, way to stay healthy and keep your wallet full.

Icy Instructor

Buying frozen fruits and veggies guarantee your fresh items won’t go bad. They are great to use when cooking and are perfect for smoothies. A lot of the time, you can also buy frozen food in larger quantities, so you have everything you need when cooking. You can also make sure you’re freezing any leftovers you aren’t going to eat, so it doesn’t go bad. This will allow you to have an extra meal sometime, instead of having to go out to eat when you don’t have any food left for lunch.

We hope you are able to save a little here and there with these helpful healthy tips! You can’t really put a price on good health, but you can save lots of money while maintaining your health. Once you become an overall winner at saving while being healthy, store those savings in an account with us.