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Home News Making a Difference on Main Street: The Impact of Community Banks

Making a Difference on Main Street: The Impact of Community Banks

Posted on | Categories: Community, Giving Back, Savings

Making a Difference on Main Street: The Impact of Community Banks

At Fairfax State Savings Bank we pride ourselves on providing the best, and most reliable service to our valued customers. Being a local community bank we offer unique insight into the inner workings of both commercial and personal financing, giving you the consumer, the most bang for your buck. The next time you’re considering working with a locally operated bank, remember these important characteristics that truly make community banks stand apart from the rest.

Financing Farmers: Did you know that community banks make up almost 90% of all agricultural loans in the United States? By providing local producers with the capital needed to operate their business, banks like Fairfax State Savings Bank are doing their part to help feed America.

Employing Citizens: With 51,000 community banks nationwide, the local banking sector employs approximately 700,000 Americans in their immediate areas, while also creating endless opportunities through their small business financing.

Rooted History: Knowing how to predict markets and financial tangibles is something that only time can teach. With more than 2,500 community banks stretching well over their first century, community bankers work together to share a wealth of knowledge when it comes to analyzing the past and anticipating the future.

Supporting Small Business: America was founded upon hard work and dedication. The idea that you can create anything you want is the dream. Community banks continue to help make those dreams happen by financing more than 50% of all small business loans within the United States.

Lasting Relationships: When working with a community banker you are not working with someone under the thumb of management, who takes months for approval. By banking locally with Fairfax State Savings Bank you speak one on one with your lender, no red tape guarding your next financial decision.

There are volumes of reasons why banking local can help secure you a better financial future. This April we celebrate Community Bankers month to showcase the advancing capabilities of local financing institutions and the unparalleled service they offer. If you want to start banking locally with Fairfax State Savings Bank, call us at (319) 846-2300 or stop by today!