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Home News Remote Work Safety Checklist

Remote Work Safety Checklist

Posted on | Categories: Cyber Security, General

Remote Work Safety Checklist

COVID-19 has changed our world in countless ways, one of which being that many employees went remote temporarily or even permanently in some cases. Working from home has been a big adjustment and takes time to adjust to. Cybersecurity is crucial in the remote work world, so here are some ways to make sure you’re keeping yourself and your company safe online. 

Update Your Router’s Default Login Information 

It’s common for people to leave the login and password the same on their router’s settings instead of worrying about personalizing it. Not only are these not the strongest of passwords, but they’re also known across the Internet and can be searched out. If you haven’t updated the default password, now’s the time to do so! 

Lock Your Devices 

A simple way to provide additional safety on your devices is to require a password to unlock or login. This way, if your devices are lost or stolen it isn’t as easily accessible to those trying to get in. It may seem unnecessary in your home environment, but something as simple as your child messing with your phone and accidentally deleting important files can be frustrating. 

Always Use a VPN in Public 

Public Wi-Fi networks are open for anyone to use, which means they’re usually not encrypted. It’s not difficult for cybercriminals to hack into what you’re doing if you’re using the same Wi-Fi network, which is why using a VPN is so important. A VPN will encrypt all your data so outsiders can’t access it or read it. 

Beware of Your Emails 

Spam emails are common and have been an issue long before COVID-19 moved jobs remote. This is still something to look out for any time you see a suspicious message. Always read your messages carefully and never click on any links that you are unsure of. It’s better to play it safe than to trust a suspicious source! 

Keep Your Well-Being in Check 

Cybersecurity is important, but so is your personal health. Some individuals love working from home, but others have found it to be challenging and not something they enjoy. Make sure you create a comfortable work environment for yourself so you can remain productive while at home. Also, remember to move around periodically, drink water, stretch and get some sort of physical activity in during the day. 


Nobody really knows when things will go back to “normal” or when everyone will be back in the office, so make the most of your situation for the time being. Working remotely comes with challenges, but it’s up to you to protect yourself and keep your company’s information safe from cybercriminals during these unforeseen times.