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Home News Side Gigs to Help You Make Extra Money

Side Gigs to Help You Make Extra Money

Posted on | Categories: Budgeting, Personal Finances, Savings

Side Gigs to Help You Make Extra Money

As we move into a world of more remote workers and others looking for ways to make extra money while maintaining a full-time job, we wanted to break down a few ways that’s possible. Here are a couple side gigs you can start to help you make extra money. 


Fitness Coach 

With fitness centers closing due to COVID-19 and others not feeling comfortable going to an actual gym, Beachbody and other programs like it are a great solution to staying fit on your own schedule and at home. They offer accountability groups, so you don’t feel alone. If you’re passionate about fitness and being a leader, why not make money off that? Sign up to be a coach and enjoy the discounts that come with it. 


Hair Care Representative 

Since everyone is online now, social media is being used more than ever. This is where representatives for different businesses have come to shine. If you are interested in hair and skin care, get a discount on your products while helping others find what works for them by becoming a representative. MONAT is an example of this – you can get discounts, commissions and win trips for the work you put in all while using products you love! 


Virtual Assistant 

Everyone always needs a little extra help which is why you can advertise your assistant services to see if anyone needs you. You could continue to work from home while helping a business or businesses with some time-consuming tasks. 


Ride Share or Delivery Driver 

Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, DoorDash and so on are all examples of places you can apply to online if you need a little extra cash. This allows you to work a schedule that fits with your other job and responsibilities. There’s also the option to work part-time for Amazon or UPS - check company websites for information on what’s available in your area. 


Pet Sitter/Dog Walker 

If you love animals, sign up on an app that shows what you’re able to help others with and for what price. A lot of people need someone to walk their dog while they are too far away at work or need a pet sitter who they are comfortable with instead of boarding the animal. So, this is a perfect solution to make some extra money while getting in some puppy love! 


We hope these ideas spark a little inspiration for other potential side jobs you could do! With the extra cash you make, keep it safe in a savings account with us.