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Home News The Simple 7: Energy Savings Tips for Winter’s End

The Simple 7: Energy Savings Tips for Winter’s End

Posted on | Categories: Budgeting, Personal Finances, Savings, Seasonal

The Simple 7: Energy Savings Tips for Winter’s End

Don’t let the rest of winter freeze your bank account! Lower temperatures often mean higher bills, but with some simple moves you can keep a cool head about your finances.

1. Open Your Home to Sunshine

The winter is often a little more gray and dreary. Take advantage of every sunny day you can. Open the curtains and let the natural light warm your home. Take a moment to bask in the warmth of the sun and get a good dose of vitamin D while you’re at it. 

2. Switch the Blades

A trick that many may not know is that the blades on your ceiling fan are designed to be used differently depending on the season. The secret is in the rotation. Because hot air rises, you should have the blades moving clockwise to help push warm air back down to the living space.

3. Wise Up the Thermostat

Have you considered the investment in a smart thermostat? While you may not love the idea of spending more money this winter, a smart thermostat can help you save money in the long run. You can set it to auto adjust the temperatures to be lower. It saves households an average of 12 percent. 

4. Shorten Showers

It’s hard not to love a long, warm shower. The costs of water are often one of the highest parts of your utility bill. Cutting your shower time even by half can reduce your bill by almost 33 percent. 

5. Invest in a Space Heater

Pick your favorite room in the house or where you spend most of your time and put a space heater in that area. This can cozy up the room really fast while allowing the rest of your home to stay at cooler and less expensive temperatures. You should always turn this off at night, as it can be a fire hazard. Follow the directions and heed the warnings on the manufacturing label.

6. Get Cozy

Put on your socks and grab your favorite sweatshirt. It’s winter, so make sure you dress for the temperature outside. Putting on an extra layer is an easy way to keep you from wanting to crank up that heat. It's the season of hot chocolate and tea, so serve some up while you snuggle in for a warm night. 

7. Search for Leaks

Reassess your home and investigate areas for potential leaks. They are most often around windows, gaps around chimneys, plumbing penetrations and doors. You can seal them cheaply with caulk or weather-stripping material found at a local hardware store.

For more tips on how to trim your budget for the rest winter, reach out to us at Fairfax State Savings Bank.